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JSD Attended International CES in January 2013
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Sanyang autostereoscopic 3D digital signage was showed at CES 2013 (Consumers Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Jan 8 -11, 2013, represented by JSDigitech.

The conference is the world's largest consumer product and technology tradeshow, features products and services in many product categories, mainly of electronic such as TV, automotive electronics and wireless devices. The purpose of the show is to highlight new and upcoming products. It is open to companies in or affiliated with the consumer electronics industry.

JSD, a world leading company dedicated in auto stereoscopic 3D display (ASD) solution, displayed it's latest glasses free 3D digital signage as well as glasses 3D TV.

The brilliant 3D image, strong and stunning pop out images just amazed the people. People's eyes were just grabbed by the images, and could not move away. People even didn't believe what they were seeing , and wanted to hold or touch the pop out images. Finally they must say: wow, that is cool that is really 3D, amazing! There are also many professionals from 3D media companies visited the Sanyang's booth, and gave the highest comment as the best glasses free 3D ever seen. Some of visitors placed trial order on spot and more will come to Shanghai for a long term business negotiation.

Glasses free 3D has just started its way, and will go further in many fields of application, e.g. 3D advertisement, 3D display for gaming, for casino, for medical imaging, for design and architecture, for the upcoming strong and new industry of 3D printing, and many more!

JSDigitech will provide the best 3D solution and products (Sanyang brand) in many applications. For 3D advertisement, Sanyang glasses free 3D digital signage outputs the best 3D image quality as well as strong and tunning pop out effect. For any other application of glasses free 3D monitoring, any 2D image video can be displayed in glasses free 3D on the Sanyang's 3D monitor by built-in 3D conversion.

Welcome to be working with us to build up a new kingdom of 3D world.

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