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3D TV is becoming the most important selling point in 2013 of China LCD TV market
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3D TV is becoming the most important selling point in 2013 of China LCD TV market. Investigation shows that the public attention on 3D TV in 2013 will be increased to 60%. Several marketing rends have been appointed out by experts as well as observers':

Detailed official report as follows:

Trends 1: Public attention to 3D TV is increasing consistently, since more and more 3D coming to the general public's daily life: more and more 3D movies, more and more 3D TV channels (there will be 15 3D TV channels in China in 2015, according to the national plan, while now only 1), 1st 3D life broadcast of World Cup 2010, South Africa, life 3D broadcast of London Olympics Games etc. General public attention to 3D TV will be increased 60% in 2013…...

Trends 2: Large size, Ultra high definition panel will be more and more concerned. Big players in the world TV market are launching one by one the latest technology and product in UHD and large size, 3820x2160dpi (4K), even 8K. It is giving to the general public the imagination that how fine of image quality and feeling in their home theater or living room.

Trend 3: Glasses free 3D TV? 3D is very good that we see the image similar to the real world and feeling, but glasses are always the buckle and inconvenient on the eyes as we like to be free at home. So, can we look for next major technology breakthrough in 3D TV glasses free? Having the same image quality and high definition as in 2D TV?

Yes! It is possible in the not far future. JSD just made technology breakthrough to have 3D image definition of FDH. 22" glasses free 3D TV already showed very good image quality and details as well high definition. New technology will be applied in the future for better image quality and bigger sizes. So, FHD glasses free 3D TV is next product in TV industry! Keep attention to JSD for anything new in 3D always!

Detailed official report as follows:

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