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New Glasses Free 3D Monitor for Medical Application Reveals
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A specially designed glasses free 3D monitor 15.6”, 4K, 3840x2160, for dental and ophthalmological treatment has been just recently completed and is ready for the market.

It helps doctors during dental or ophthalmological operation or treatment with 3D microscope, which allows doctors to head up and look at the real time 3D images on the monitor for the operation. Job is much easier and more efficient like never before! The monitor reproduces 3D depth with 1:1 in real time without any compression or enlargement, no more no less, so the 3D image is extremely comfortable like real nature. It is equipped with fast speed eye tracking system to catch and follow the doctor’s eye balls, in order to output always the best 3D angle to watch.

The integrated FPGA board interlaces input streaming in 1 lane side by side or 2 lanes of separated left and right images into 3D at refresh rate 60Hz. The lag time is just 0.0167secs, which is not noticeable.  

Brief technical features:

Input streaming: Support 1 lane 4K side by side 3840x2160 images or 2 lanes separated left and right images

Output: HDMI 3D interlaced or 2 lanes edp 3840x2160@60Hz and 1 lane 3840x2160@60Hz 3D output

Best view distance: 50 - 60cm

Image lag: 0.0167sec

3D image reproduction: 1:1 without depth compression or enlargement

Application: dental and ophthalmology, endoscopic and laparoscopy surgery

Any hospital which already owns 3D microscope system can inquiry directly with us to upgrade into glasses free 3D display. 3D microscope manufacturers are welcome for OEM supply.

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